Fear and greed are an inseparable part of human nature and the main engine behind every stock market crash and bubble in history. And while most fall victim to these emotions, there are also others, who manage to keep a cool head and take advantage of Mr. Market’s irrationality through careful fundamental analysis of the situation. People like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett have proven that even the individual investor can stop being a slave to the market’s vagaries and make it his or her best friend instead.

The value investing philosophy is what many of the greatest investors in the world owe their success to. It is all about buying undervalued stocks with a margin of safety from the pessimists and selling them to the optimists with a profit a few years later.

Our mission is to help you make better-informed investment decisions by teaching you how to invest from a business perspective, instead of focusing on what the market is currently doing.

Aleksandar Vichev
Co-founder and fundamental analyst at www.valuestockinvest.com, Alex has been fascinated by the stock market since 2012. Having Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett as his role models, he relies strongly on the value investing philosophy, when picking stocks for the VSI portfolio. Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Economics in 2013 and owns a Master’s in Investment Management since 2015.

Martin Marinov
Co-founder and designer at www.valuestockinvest.com. He studied design in Copenhagen, Denmark. His main skills are mainly within the fields of web, graphic interface design, usability and user experience.